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A Better Way To Finance Your Future
Affordable Rates and Auto-Pay Discounts.

Invest in Your Future

Let Us Support Your Dreams

UHS Student Loans gives you more opportunities to get the money you need to pay for school.

Repay on your terms

Choose to start making payments now or after leaving school AND no penalty if you choose to pay off your loan early.

Build credit in your own name
Apply for a loan on your own. If you don’t pre-qualify, you can add a cosigner.

We believe education fuels empowerment, and because of that, we take the hassle out of obtaining a private student loan.

Want freedom? You can check your rate in minutes without it affecting your credit score. Want savings? You won’t pay an application, origination or prepayment fee. Looking for support? Your Student Loan Advisor will make sure there are no hiccups when receiving your funds. How’s that for feeling empowered?

Fast & easy

Complete your loan application in minutes and check your pre-qualified rates without impacting your credit score

The problem of inflated and unaffordable student debt is well known, but the causes of the issue are unintuitive and repeatedly misunderstood.


The level of unaffordable student debt in the US has reached staggering levels in recent years, but few comprehend the true core reason for the issue. The financial benefits of a college degree appear evident; college graduates are likely to earn, on average, $1 million more over the course of their careers than those with only a general education degree.


Despite this, and even with federal student loans currently pricing at historically low rates, students are dropping out of college at an alarming rate due to unaffordability. Often these dropouts have already incurred significant amounts of debt but without a degree. To address the student debt crisis, UHS strikes the dual issues of access to reasonable funding for college and restricted practical information on college results. Borrowing from the best features of diverse types of income-based financing programs used globally, UHS offers an affordable funding solution that attempts to settle many of the outstanding issues of the current system.

Industry-Leading Benefits
  • No cosigner required

  • No minimum credit score or credit history required

  • Instant approval

  • Income-based repayment

  • Fixed maximum repayment cap

  • Responsive, personalized customer support




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